MaidSafe is a visionary company with visionary technologies that over time will change the way humans interact with devices and machinery through advanced distributed intelligence.

The MaidSafe network will eventually enable computational devices to disseminate big data and make predictions and decisions that will progress human knowledge beyond what is currently possible.

The applicable possibilities of this global brain are endless. MaidSafe’s technology will benefit every sector from education and science through finance and industry and of course it will also benefit our investors.

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No one man is an island and while MaidSafe has technology that will change the world, it requires partners to help realise the vision of a private, secure and free world.

We constantly seek to connect with organisations who have symbiotic solutions or ideas and are willing to work together both for mutual benefit and the benefit of the human race.

Size, location and reach do not matter. What matters is the ability to provide solutions to real world problems and generate change through combined technology.

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