MaidSafe Platform Licensing

The MaidSafe Platform is protected by a patent portfolio and is distributed under 2 different types of license, Open Source and Commercial...

As with all code contributed using GPL 3.0, all contributions (see Contribution Agreement) must be given back to the MaidSafe code base, carrying the GPL 3.0 license.

Derivatives developed using MaidSafe’s Commercial License do not need to be given back and licensee’s can apply their own license to their derived work. Put simply, if a developer plans to profit from The MaidSafe Platform they should use the code under MaidSafe’s Commercial License.

Conversely, developers using the MaidSafe Platform for non-profit purposes are free to use The MaidSafe Platform under the GPL 3.0 license.

Regardless of company size, location or industry niche, The MaidSafe Platform is available through the MaidSafe Commercial License at a cost of 1% of all revenue derived from the code. This ensures that MaidSafe grow with our partners and enables us to develop The MaidSafe Platform further.

In addition to the revenue license model, annual and perpetual licenses are also available on request and at MaidSafe’s discretion.

Please note that this royalty is purely for use of MaidSafe code and does not include technical support. Dedicated support is not part of our current business plan, although we are hoping community support will be available on GitHub and Stack Overflow.