The MaidSafe Tenets


We believe the ability to simply open a file or look at an image without divulging any information about yourself is key to the growth in data sharing and knowledge transfer. Yet we pay for many 'free systems' on the internet with the very privacy that we have guarded for years.

MaidSafe software represents a shift in this paradigm, enabling users to access information freely, without being tracked.

Our technology ensures there is no access wall to data such as web servers or traditional data access mechanisms that exist today.

The data in The MaidSafe Network is 'on your local disk' and appears as 'physical data' on the hard drive of your computer or any computer/mobile device you decide to login and use.


One of the first things new born babies look for is security, the safety and comfort of their parents. Throughout life security is important, as a feeling of insecurity leads to fear and irrational behaviour.

In the digital world most of us do not realise what data should be secure and where potential problems may arise.

As users, we are generally satisfied to see a word like security or encryption on a web page and believe that the information is safe.

Surprisingly, even sites we perceive to be beyond reproach such as our banks or favourite online stores retain our financial and personal data with a view to building profiles on us for future targeted marketing campaigns.

To ensure your complete security MaidSafe's self encryption and authentication software is so powerful that it is currently unbreakable by any existing means. You can safely share folders and back up data with the absolute certainty that only individuals with the correct password information are able to access it.


Freedom is a dream for many people today and an illusion of many others. The freedom to think, freedom to roam and the freedom to communicate thoughts and desires are either sought after or perceived as already attained by the majority of us.

Freedom is an important issue and one which can allow amazing innovation and progress if allowed to flourish.

Increased creativity and innovation through free will and freedom to learn will continue to drive forward the human races' understanding of the universe around us, improving not only our technological but emotional development.

Freedom is only possible when we are free from interference and feeling secure.

MaidSafe delivers freedom!